Mobile Advertising 101: What You Need To Know In Order To Make Money Online

Mobile Advertising 101: What You Need To Know In Order To Make Money Online

“The majority of internet usage will be done via mobile device and for most people the mobile web will be their primary, if not their only, way of experiencing the internet…”

                                                                                                                                                – Peter Rojas, Gizmodo

According to marketing experts, mobile advertising is considered as a game changer in the way we promote products and services today. And with all the consumption of digital information set to go mobile nowadays, online marketers must learn to incorporate the idea of mobility into the mix as they make money online or risk the chance of being left behind.

But what really is mobile advertising? Why is it on the rise and how can businesses benefit from a surging marketing trend that is set to rock the internet in 2016 and beyond? Learn more about this by reading this article.

The Definition Of Mobile Advertising

Basically, mobile advertising is defined an advertising method that is usually seen in our mobile phones and other gadgets like tablets and PDA’s. The advertising of products and services can appear in a form of Text messages (ads) via SMS, Banner advertisements, embedded ads in mobile website and from downloaded apps and games similar to those being shown in offer walls of affiliate companies.

According to Wikipedia, mobile advertising is considered as a subset of mobile marketing. In addition to this, the 30% of the 2014 annual revenues for mobile advertising can be attributed to all the mobile apps being installed through this app install ads. Moreover, this same revenue is expected to reach over $6.8 Billion by 2019!

Mobile Advertising Annual Revenues

How Does Mobile Advertising Work?

The process of mobile advertising starts by targeting a specific group of users under a certain demographic. The mobile networks identify these ads through the related profiles and preferences of the user, allowing them to display a corresponding advertisement that meets the need of this specific internet user group. These advertisements usually pop up every time a user will utilize data services such as playing games or download digital contents like ringtones and apps.

Mobile advertising can be applied using any of these methods:

MMS (short and long text ads, rectangle ads, banner ads, audio and video ads, even full ads)

Mobile Internet (mobile web banners, text tagline ads, WAP 1.0 banners, rich media mobile)

Mobile apps (In-app displays, banner mobile apps, integrated ads, sponsored mobile ads)

Mobile TV and Video Advertising Units (ad breaks, linear & non-linear ad breaks, interactive mobile ads)

The earliest type of mobile advertising to earn money was applied through SMS or text messages (since text messaging was a hit in the early 2000’s). But eventually, it has evolved into more complex types such as the methods being mentioned above. A popular advertising model in this scheme is called CPI or cost per install where the payment is based on the installation of an app by a user through his mobile device. And the payment being given is usually incentivized (virtual points or digital rewards) such as the ones being offered by affiliate marketing companies.

The earliest type of mobile advertising to earn money was applied through SMS or text messages...A lot of these apps can be downloaded and installed for free, but is paid for by placing of ads inside the app. The user can only remove these advertisements after purchasing the premium version.

On the other hand, mobile-friendly websites also include these ads which are usually optimized to fit mobile displays. In short, these ads appear just the same whether you are visiting the site using a PC or a mobile gadget. Such practice is common nowadays for a lot of websites have recognized this mobile trend and the need for their websites to be interactive for the sake of their business’ success.

Mobile advertising is regulated by the MMA or Mobile Marketing Association. This non-profit group fosters mobile advertising and other marketing trends and technologies.  They also legalize the best practices, specifications, and other associated terms related to this type of advertising scheme.

Know The Facts…

Why consider mobile advertising? By now some of you might be asking this same question…

33% of individuals watch video clips using their mobile phones every day...According to a reputable U.S. based research firm, 33% of individuals watch video clips using their mobile phones every day. And this goes without saying that these same people are more comfortable watching videos on mobile than listening to music. This same data also indicates the ever growing number of Americans who watch videos using their smartphones are giving their undivided attention any time they access these videos to be informed or entertained.

In same way, a recent study conducted by Google and another research firm indicates that most people who are inclined on watching mobile videos (almost 60%) does it because they feel it is “less distracting than watching the same content on TV” (and it does make sense considering you have to “squeeze in” all your attention to a small screen in order to appreciate the entire content). In fact, only a fraction of these people (about 30%) spend their time watching the tube nowadays and that is when they need to do other things like cooking, talking to a friend, eating , and etc.

In a recent study conducted by Google and another research firm...On the other hand, the recent of people using mobile gadgets more often has paved the way for some online games to become incredibly famous (some of these games are Farmville and Clash of Clans of which a lot of guys are so hooked up in playing that it makes them glued to their devices while on their way to work or lounging an afternoon in a coffee shop). These games are so in that the developers have enlisted the likes of Christoph Waltz (Ernst Stavro Blofield in the latest James Bond movie, “Spectre”) and James Corden to tell stories of app users based on real life achievements and feature it on video ad. This campaign was launch online and be accessed through mobile devices as an effort to re-promote COC (Clash of Clans) to the avid gaming public and get paid even more.

And these are just some of the many reasons why we are so engaged in using are smartphones today…

The point is, mobile advertising is very “in” and effective these days because mobile devices are becoming a part of our daily lives from watching pictures and videos, reading news articles, and even playing games. The purpose of these gadgets have been given a significant shift to the extent that it can influence the way we make business and make money online. And such development is necessary for web/business owners to take advantage of this scheme in building up your own brand.

The Most Important Mobile Advertising Strategies You Need To Remember

In a study conducted by Borrell Associates in 2013 to 1,300 small businesses, about 74% of the respondents have planned on increasing their mobile advertisements within that year or at least maintained it. And within this number, 65% of these businesses have allotted an increase of 30% on their mobile advertising budget (now that something!).

In addition to this, internet giants like Google and Facebook are now shifting their strategies to mobile, which signifies how mobile marketing is becoming a key factor in the way we do business today.

Since most of the marketing processes are leaning towards the mobile trend, it’s a must that you equip yourself with a winning mobile advertising strategy in order to maintain a competitive edge. Here are some of the efficient strategies we can share so you can benefit more from your mobile customers:

Switch to a more responsive design

If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, then you really need to consider revamping its design from now on. What you need to do first it to switch into a responsive design which allows you to automatically resize your screen to fit the page (along with its contents) to a mobile screen.

If you’re business isn’t not smartphone-accessible, then there’s point of engaging into mobile advertising at all.

Utilize Native Advertising

One of the newest terms we have encountered through social media is this technique called “Native Advertising”. According to this, you as the owner must use advertising elements that will complement your own website to earn money. That is, you need to promote contents which are currently active provided that it is both relevant to the topic and your target audience.

Instead of using banner ads that might display advertisements, a native ad can provide ‘warmer’ leads. In return, viewers are more engaged since the viewers are more encouraged to click on this add because it has something to do with the page or content they are accessing in.

By associating your business with a relevant blog or other websites in your niche, you’ll be able to create low-cost ads which can attract a decent number of receptive followers.

Utilize Mobile Display Advertisers as an alternative solution

Utilize Native Advertising...If the idea of Native Advertising cannot suffice the current needs of your business, then you have to look for an advertising partner who specializes in mobile advertising displays. Having this partnership is crucial to your business’ success since they can provide you a supply of products to advertise at a fraction of the cost. In short, they’ll be the ones who will take care of the marketing aspect of your business so can focus more on developing your site as you earn money online.

Another advantage of this partnership from your standpoint is that this company can promote your goods from a wider audience by placing your marketing ads across different viewers within their reach. Furthermore, different mobile display advertising companies can also provide certain features like contextual ads which functions similarly to native advertising, ensuring your audience will truly benefit from the product or service you are offering and thus increasing the possibility of positive response through click-through activity.

Learn using QR Codes

A QR Code or Quick Response Code is a type of a matrix code which is designed to be read quickly using your mobile or any handheld devices after scanning. Basically, it works similar to a bar code minus the barcode reader for you only need to take a photo of this code using the camera from your mobile device and your installed QR code scanner app will instantly take you to the URL of a site where you can learn more about the business, see a trailer of an upcoming movie, or even give you a coupon to redeem at a store’s local outlet.

Learn using QR Codes...What makes these codes so beneficial to your business? QR codes have the capability to drive leads to your website effectively. Meaning, you can really make money online out of this if it’s used correctly.

The thing about many businesses today is that they do realize the full potential of QR codes in mobile advertising. More often than not, people are being directed to poorly develop landing pages where it is almost impossible to persuade the visitor to convert such as signing up or buying stuff. Instead, you have to optimize the use of these codes to ensure a more positive user experience for your user.

Generating a QR code is so easy for there are a lot of sites which caters to open source QR code generation. Just use Google and it will lead you to the best QR code generating site around. Or better yet, you can also use Google’s QR code generator tool to create these codes for you.

After generating your own QR code, please follow these tips:

  • Don’t hesitate to offer a discount right away or maybe even a free drink to your visitor after scanning your code. In other words, use real-time marketing to “reel in” these people so they’ll be more enticed to check you out more. And be sure to diversify your offers from time to time.
  • Lead your visitors to a simple microsite and coupled your efforts with a very catchy CTA so they’ll be encouraged to sign up.
  • Complement the entire experience by offering them some of your favorite apps (for example, a car business can offer an app dedicated to car enthusiast, and so on) and then top it all up with a nice bonus discount or reward.

There are actually a lot of ways which you can create a loyal following through QR codes as you make money online. You just have to keep in mind of the entire mobile experience at all times.

Localize your keywords

And probably one of the simplest and most-effective ways of mobile advertising is “not to advertise” anything at all but rather concentrating your efforts in organic advertising by localizing mobile searches instead.

As more and more people are using their smartphones to use search apps like Google Maps, the coming forward of related search terms have been commonplace for finding local business. Hence, it is essential to optimize the keywords for these types of searches so you can boost your physical foot traffic even more.

About 3/4 of the entire smartphone users in the country have utilized their devices to acquire “location based information” to get directions...To underestimate the importance of local mobile searches to your business is foolish for there are a lot of statistics which proves the effectiveness of this tactic to your cause:

  • About 3/4 of the entire smartphone users in the country have utilized their devices to acquire “location based information” to get directions.
  • People who searched for restaurants using their mobile devices in America usually translate into a 90% conversion rate, with 60-64% of these people visiting the business an hour after the search.
  • Mobile searches have actually generated a total of 27.8 billion searches in 2015 alone. Meaning, a lot of internet activity is often done in mobile devices nowadays which can result in a prospected increase of the number of mobile searches compared to last year.

In addition to this, you can adjust the keywords and alt-tags on your images if you have an ecommerce section. Also, you need to ensure that smartphone users would be able to make these purchases easily.

Moreover, you have to optimize the images in your size by resizing to avoid slow loading which can lead to Google penalties. And don’t forget to include relevant alt tags and use images which can give the best first impression to your mobile visitors.

The Best Mobile Trends To Look Forward Into For This Year And Beyond

Mobile advertising is advancing at a faster rate. And therefore we need to keep up with this change by looking at the trends that lie ahead in this section:

Spending from mobile ads are going to overtake the desktop in 2 years

As of the moment, desktop ads get much of the attention as marketers still spend about 1.8 billion dollars a year just to get leads from these ads. But things are about to change since mobile ads are expected to get twice as much as desktop ads would get considering the increasing growth of mobile use nowadays.

And though the future is leaning towards the use of mobile, it still cannot stop desktop ads from getting leads as some people still rely on their PC’s to get digital information.  But surely enough, the total spending for mobile advertisements will significantly increase that it will make up about 72% of the total digital spend in the United States by 2019.

Video file formats are expected to boom

Video file formats are expected to boom...Since people are now accustomed to watch video clips using their smartphones, the production of these formats are also expected to rise due to the increase in demand. Advertisers are projected to play a big role in this change since recent studies have proven the effectiveness of video formats in engaging mobile users.

So don’t be surprised if you see video ads more often as it has already been confirmed that these digital elements are successful in promoting stronger brand stories.

The adoption of videos by both developers & advertisers are already happening this year and it’s expected to explode even further in the near future.

In-app ads are going to be mainstay in the mobile web

Since more people are engaging their time with mobile apps, advertisers are also expected to capitalize on this trend to make money online. Soon enough, advertisers will make a push to increase the in-app budget to gain bigger returns.

Southeast Asia will be the next hot-bed for these mobile ads

The Southeast Asian region is now considered as the fastest growing region in terms of smartphone use and the reason for this is mainly because of the scarcity of broadband internet and the huge number of people living in this continent.

By 2016, mobile penetration is expected to rise since a lot of people in Asia are accessing their internet through mobile devices. In India alone, almost half of the mobile users connect to the internet and are more receptive to mobile ads that advertisers will surely not miss the opportunity to earn revenues from this situation.

Games will more likely to be played using mobile devices

Of course, we cannot discount the fact that some RPG games today like DOTA (Defense of the Ancients) still dominate the online scene. But the standard of gaming will forever change since more and more people spend their time playing mobile games up to 2 hours a day! That’s a lot of time compared to listening to music or making tweets in their social media accounts.

The thing about mobile games is they are diversified into different formats and they immerse the user to the point of addiction. Moreover, they generate huge amounts of data especially if the user playing it through an in-app format.

Without a doubt, advertisers will certainly spend more efforts in exposing their campaigns through online games as there is a potential to convert and get paid.

Users demand more interaction

The success of mobile ads can also be attributed to the idea of interactivity since they are interactive. That’s why people (for most of the time) love to engage in them.

With this trend in mind, expect to see brand and developer ads to focus their efforts more in making mobile ads more interactive since it gives people a sense of control that traditional ads don’t normally give. So most like in the next few years, mobile ads will take the center stage while banner ads will take the back seat.

Smart People Follow These Rules In Advertising To Get Paid Online

Smart People Follow These Rules In Advertising To Get Paid Online

Have you seen the movie “Troy”? This film actually tells of an epic about the Trojan War where the Greeks waged war against the Trojans. At first, the war was so devastating to the cause of the visiting enemies as they were not able to break the seemingly impenetrable walls of Troy after countless attempts. Even if the Greeks had the greatest hero Achilles (played by Brad Pitt) on their side, their troops seem to die out a losing battle. Fortunately, King Odysseus (played by Sean Bean) thought of plan to destroy the Kingdom from the inside and this plan is now famously known as the “Trojan Horse”.

If we are going to compare the plot of the movie from the original epic, you will notice that some of the details are not consistent with the original story. But what is similar about these accounts is they both showcased the value of strategy at the time of war. In short, the Greeks were able to win the war because they engaged in careful planning.

Going back to our main topic, careful planning must also be followed in advertising. Yes you need to strategize every move if you want your website to prosper and generate more revenues. But when you talk of success, smart people follow certain rules in advertising to get paid online to get better results. And these are the details we are going to share to you in this section.

Never underestimate the power of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

Referrals can be a powerful driving force for converting anyone into a customer and make money online. Let’s face it, no matter how great and effective the product you are marketing, most of us would rather believe those people who have actually tried the product first. This is because most customers treat your marketing strategy as a “here say” and would not be entirely convinced until they are able to gather facts from a “reliable source”.

It does make sense having someone to talk about your product through a simple conversation because it entices others to be more interested about it. And the more a person gives a positive feedback about your product, the most likely will others want to try it out from themselves.

Offer these products to the right market

Never underestimate the power of Word-Of-Mouth Marketing...Most often, an ad is usually a meeting place for people who are usually looking for something to address their immediate needs. So these elements would enable users to identify the information as something related to the current interest would it be in the form of a problem or an opportunity they are willing to take. In other words, your ad should display pictures or headlines (preferably both) that would create the notion that this is the one they are looking for so they will be attracted to read it further and purchase the product you are promoting.

If your product doesn’t sell enough, then you need to be more creative

A marketing technique can only be effective if you are truly earning something from it whether it would be in terms of leads or sales. And more often than not, people get bored of seeing conventional banner ads nowadays that they choose to ignore these stuff from the beginning. So in this case, you need to be more creative in your approach to advertise your goods in order to earn money. Good thing there are a lot of advertising options you can use and one of which is get paid to do offers online through CPA offers. Basically, the idea is to promote certain products or services of an affiliate company like by monetizing contents in your site and earn incentives every time a user will complete a required action from the offer they have selected.

This way, the users can actually see the products and services being advertised without going through those boring ad banners. It’s a pretty neat method of advertising as you keep the user from being engaged at all times and all you need to do is focused on making a good content. Now that’s being creative!

Never hesitate to give rewards

Never hesitate to give rewards...Your ad will be more effective if users will get something valuable in return. This is where the beauty of CPA offers comes in because you are actually rewarding your user after completing the offer they chosen like playing a free game trial for digital points, filling out a form before downloading an app, or even completing a survey in order to access premium content. In this way, web users will be more attracted to try out your CPA offers because you are assuring them of a specific promise that they will be rewarded for their efforts. In the end, this advertising technique is beneficial to all parties since the user and the CPA Company gets something while you get paid online in return.

The CPA offers being provided by are not only enticing to web users, but they also give out some of the biggest incentives on the internet today. So it’s highly recommended that you contact them as soon as possible and avail of their CPA offers to turn your website into a good investment.

Be interactive

Nowadays, the competition is geared towards the idea of interactivity. An ad or a website in particular is more persuasive if it speaks out to the user as an individual. In the same way, web users are more interested in reading content which have interactive elements because they have the potential to “connect” more.

And if you’re going to look at this from a business perspective, having interactivity in your ads is actually more beneficial on your part since it allow viewers to access these offers through their mobile devices. Meaning, you can actually maintain a good traffic flowing into your site and probably get more earnings as people nowadays usually make their purchases through smartphones (because of the high conversion rate in these devices).

Final Word

Follow these advertising rules the way smart people do and achieve success in your business soon!In the end, strategizing your advertising campaigns is good, but following these rules in advertising to get paid online is better since it does give you wonders in business sooner. We hope that you’ll implement these rules in your website today so you can experience the same success that smart people achieved.

Please check out this website for more tips on mobile advertising and affiliate marketing.